Stockpile A4

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Stockpile A4

Warehouse in the middle of nowhere.

Red and Blu have yet again been launched into a seemingly eternal battle, this time for a warehouse in the middle of the artic. Whatever is in those cargo crates must be good.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Absolute Rehaul (Major)

    This is the biggest update yet. Many people have warned me about overscaling, so this is my attempt to combat these issues. Scaling: I've basically shifted the entire map closer together, while making changes to the geometry and even layout...
  2. Now with 90% less containers! (Major)

    Yes, you read that right! The containers are gone! Well, most of them. I kept in a very small amount of them that had a major impact on gameplay. Don't worry, most of them are gone. Here's a list of the changes this update: Almost 90% of the...
  3. The Variety Update (Minor)

    Hello all! I have been listening to all of your feedback, and have since made numerous changes to account for this. Here is a comprehensive list of the things I have changed and added in this update: Prop Variety: One of the main pieces of...