Stiletto a3

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I didn't go with his name suggestion.


- Changed map name from "Stoleo" to "Stiletto".
- Removed the tire tracks throughout the map. I'm so sorry. They'll return when the map's layout is more final, I promise.
- Made the ramps to BLU's lower spawn exit 32hu bigger on each side.
- Moved a stack of crates near BLU spawn, as they completely discouraged a path that I wanted players to at least consider.
- Completely removed the cliff overlooking BLU spawn, as it was both wasted space and an overpowered sightline.
- Fixed a broken clip near A.
- Removed the cheeky message overlooking A point.
- Overhauled the geometry of and surrounding A. It should still have the same general shape, but should play much better now.
- Added a windowed wall in the upper room of the building between BLU spawn and A.
- Raised the tunnel by 64hu.
- Added a new path between A and B with a one-way door connecting the tunnel and the cliff building. It's purpose is to help attackers break up any strong holdings that RED has on the cliff.
- Added an experimental feature where the tunnel between A and B starts closed off. Capping A will open the doors. Testing will see if this is a good idea.
- Added props to the tunnel to help block sightlines.
- Reworked the crates and dumptruck between the tunnel and B to look cleaner.
- Removed the fences on the upper level of RED spawn.
- Removed the ramp to the upper level of RED spawn.

Those last two changes may seem odd to some people, and I wanted to explain my reasoning. I planned to reduce the ridiculous sightlines both A and B had in this version, but doing that requires a major overhaul of each area. Since I wanted to release an update before Christmas, I just reworked A and removed most classes access to the worst sightline of B.

There were a few more minor changes to the map, but I felt that they were either too unimportant to note, or I just forgot I made them. I'm planning many more, larger changes to the map, so I'm putting out this small update now. Expect many layout changes, especially around B and RED spawn!