Stiletto a3

Borneo, starting from a1 and taken in a different direction

  1. SnickerPuffs
    During the A1 Gameday not too long ago, when we played a1 versions of popular maps, I brought up an interesting idea. Someone could take one of the maps we played, get the VMF of it, and go off in their own direction. Then, when the new version is as far developed as it can be, we compare both the new map and the original map to see how different they'll be, even though they started from the same first version.

    So, I decompiled Borneo's A1 and made some changes. Here we are now.


    Cedits -
    Heyo, for the original map file
    @KubeKing, for hosting the gameday that inspired me
    @Muddy, for proposing the gameday that inspired me
    @Auwi, for the Pink Night skybox


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