Steep rc2

Mann vs. Machine vs. Mining vs. Mountain

  1. a7

    map changes:
    -redid hill route pretty much completely. building is totally redone to better support its use in fighting robots and the reset route has been replaced with a deathpit (fence is now directly by train tracks and a small section of it is missing)
    -cave route got a makeover so each of the pre-existing platforms overlooking the bomb path is more easily accessible and usable. the reset route is gone and there is now a deathpit. pickups got all moved around as per usual
    -increased map length by 256 units in the split area to give more room for layout to breathe
    -rasied upgrade building by 64 units because i can
    -added platform by upgrade-choke that offers cover/height advantage, also makes bot path tigher
    -moved health/ammo by red convergence building to inside said building
    -removed full health/med ammo by the far end of the convergence
    -actually remembered to nudge the rock this time
    -fixed sentrybusters??

    anticipated map changes:
    -will likely add side route into caves to offer a flank when bots are coming at the cave exit
    -considering moving hatch area down 64 units to bring the height advantages by the convergence down somewhat (making previously mentioned side route into caves easier to implement)

    adv. popfile:
    -in most cases, changed "waitforallspawned" to "waitforalldead" and adjusted timings accordingly
    -in most cases, adjusted timings so giant+support subwaves generally have support entering before giants
    -some undocumented timing changes because i'm rushing
    -overall payout reduced by 600 (400 from the final wave)
    -verified all totalcount and totalcurrency values for accuracy because some were wrong

    WAVE 1:
    -changed heavy skill from hard to normal

    WAVE 2:
    -fixed a bug where giant crit demomen spawned in first subwave instead of second

    WAVE 3:
    -altered timing so giant soldier subwave doesn't begin until all other bots are dead
    -spaced out giants more (from 6 seconds between to 12)
    -changed spammer soldier medics from uber to bullet vacc
    -combined support into one randomchoice wavespawn
    -reduced payout from 700 to 600

    WAVE 4:
    -reduced giant crit demomen squads from 3 to 2, altered timing (from 12s between to 20s)
    -reduced giant heavies from 4 squads to 2, altered timing (from 8s between to 20s)
    -removed crit soldier support
    -added spy mission
    -reduced payout from 700 to 600

    WAVE 5:
    -changed giant shotgun heavy squads to lone giant FaN scouts

    WAVE 6:
    -increased tank health from 10k to 12k
    -giant crit spammer soldier timing altered to spawn with more time between
    -changed support crit champ heavies and demoknights to fat scouts
    -changed Colonel Barrage to Chief Blast Soldier, gave them a giant medic
    -reduced payout from 1100 to 700


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