Steep rc2

Mann vs. Machine vs. Mining vs. Mountain

  1. a6

    map changes:
    -moved convergence into the hillside by 256 units. this should make the two bomb paths more similar in length
    -rescaled several things near the convergence: both paths in are now 320 wide instead of 256/384, red building on hill is now 384 wide instead of 512
    -removed hopper dropzone in cave because it was hard to use and conflicted with other geometry after resizing things
    -nudged rock pile at entry area up 16 units to make certain jumps easier
    -simplified geometry at lower bot entry ledge so hopefully bots don't get stuck there anymore
    -lowered bot entry ledge from 192 to 128, brought forward 128
    -ammo by convergence was medium, now full
    -moved pickups on upper deck of hatch area down a floor
    -flag detection trigger near the hatch no longer clears the bomb path nav_avoids so bots always use the same path
    -fixed the red spawn again, hopefully for real this time

    anticipated map changes:
    -both routes need revision so that height advantage is more usable. this is kinda rushed out to make some more simple changes and get a new .pop out

    adv. popfile:
    -adjusted timings to make waves not drag on so much, hopefully
    -adjusted timings of some
    -adjusted giant spawns to spawn one at a time instead of in clumps
    -reduced cash on later waves to increase difficulty, as testing showed we didn't get pushed back in the last few
    -giant pyros should no longer reflect projectiles
    -some bots now have specific high/low spawns

    WAVE 1:
    -reduced medic/vacc bullet medic squads from 16 to 12
    -reduced burst demo count from 24 to 20
    -bots in second subwave spawn quicker but in smaller groups

    WAVE 2:
    -fat scouts were set to 30 seconds between spawns for some reason?? now its 6
    -super scouts replaced with support demoknights because super scouts + pyro squads wasn't working

    WAVE 3:
    -changed quick melee scouts to regular melee scouts because scouts are already really fast and players aren't trained to recognize really quick scouts unless they're giants. also they were annoying
    -staggered giant soldier spawns so it alternates: Giant Spammer Squad, Giant Crit, Giant Spammer Squad, Giant Crit. reduced maxcount of melee scouts to ensure spawns aren't restricted by max bot count (assuming no subwave 1 bots are still around)

    WAVE 4:
    -moved tank to start of wave
    -increased demoknights from 36 to 48
    -increased giant crit demomen from 2 to 3, now in squad with 2 medics
    -removed spies because a) a bug means you should only use them at the start of the wave, and b) spawning them late means they'll start spawning near players who died and are walking to the front lines, which plays really strangely
    -changed scouts to support
    -changed crit soldiers to support, removed medics
    -moved giant heavies to subwave 2, added giant medic squad
    -removed burst demomen

    WAVE 5:
    -removed giant heavies because we just did that
    -removed tank so we don't have 3 tank waves in a row
    -reduced super scout count from 6 to 4
    -combined subwave 2 fodder (fat scouts, fast pyros) into random selection wavespawn of 60 bots total (50/50 distribution)
    -combined buff banner soldiers and fast crit champs into random selection support (50/50 distribution)
    -added 2 giant shotgun heavy/4 medic squads, 2 giant rapid fire demomen/giant medic squads to end of wave

    WAVE 6:
    -wasnt really happy with the bot composition of this wave so i reworked it to the point where documenting changes is basically pointless

    (no screenshots because most changes are pretty minor)
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