Steep rc2

Mann vs. Machine vs. Mining vs. Mountain

  1. a5

    map changes:
    -fixed missing blue func_respawnroom
    -added nobuild to rocks at starting area
    -hopefully fixed sniper position having wonky aim
    -added nav avoid to weird train perch area to prevent bots from getting stuck on a corner
    -added mullions to forward upgrade station room to make glass more obvious
    -added light to forward upgrade station room to make it more difficult to miss
    -raised a platform in cave route from 64 to 128 and extended the back to make it a more useful holding position
    -lowered a platform at convergence from 256 to 192 to bring it closer to gameplay space (less damage falloff while still maintaining a safe distance from bots, ideally)
    -lowered rocks at starting area to provide less cover
    -added second bot entry. all default spawn names can spawn at both. spawnbot_high and spawnbot_low can be used to specify which to spawn at.
    -added medium health/ammo by convergence
    -added medium health/ammo to hill route on bottom

    anticipated map changes:
    -the hill route (as opposed to the cave route) seems like it kinda sucks. the upper room is a lot less useful than i thought (damage falloff and awkward sightlines to the bots, not to mention how difficult it even is to access). theres not really any other usable high ground except at the very start or very end so players just run backwards along the bot route. its not nearly as fun as the cave route, not to mention that its a shorter path overall. i think this route needs a do-over
    -the choke between the convergence of the two paths and the hatch area isn't much fun to hold cause its flat and the high ground is difficult to access/too far away to be useful because of damage falloff. needs some rethinking
    -may slide the convergence (and hatch area) back into the hill so the two routes have more similar lengths and to potentially rescale the entrance/exit halls of the cave (haven't decided if these are the right size or not but something has to change)
    -may reconfigure bot spawn so their perch has a sightline to the train, making sentries less powerful there

    -hamlet hostility popfile renamed to _rottenburg, fixed chief not spawning
    -added original popfile that should be more difficult to make up for the map being easier to defend than rottenburg. hamlet hostility popfile is also included in case this one is too hard


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