Steel + Gpit Style A/D v1

Gravel-pit style and steel type cp fused into one 4 point A/D game-mode!

  1. zythe_
    What if you fused Gravel-pit and Steel into one game-mode? This would be it!

    This prefab has 4 control-points with A, B and D being enabled from the start with the only locked point being C.

    Cap times in the prefab
    A - 8sec
    B - 8sec
    C - 6sec
    D - 40sec
    change these to your liking!

    The reason C caps faster than both A and B is because the idea was for Blue to choose which buff from either point they want first and C would be an extra that adds something minor, but how you make the game-mode is up to you, this is just the prefab!

    Crediting me for the prefab is not required but greatly appreciated if you do!


    1. gpit.PNG
    2. gpit2.PNG
    3. gpitsteel.PNG