Stash A4a

A small and simple PD map

  1. Le Codex
    Mann Co. has come around, and has required of the mercs that they deliver the Australium they gathered from all those robots. Will they do it? NO! Of course not!

    They much prefer to fight over which team is going to have to pay up. And by pay up, they mean killing each other to steal the other team's Australium to deliver it to Mann Co.'s stash.

    So yeah, a simple and standard Player Destruction map where the pickups are Australium ingots. Nothing too special there, the map may be a bit small, but I feel like it should play decently.


    1. pd_stash_a10002.png
    2. pd_stash_a10003.png
    3. pd_stash_a10001.png

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