Starship b3

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Starship b3

Non-linear CP map set in space (Author: CaffeinePowered)

This is a non-linear control point map set on a ship in space. Each team starts on opposite ends of the map, the first team to capture the enemy's dock point wins.

In order to capture the dock point a team only needs two out of the three middle points. After capture, the middle points will auto-lock for 45 seconds before opening back up again. This prevents points from getting continuously scout rushed immediately after capture.

The bonus point (Sewers) grants a team forward respawns if the own both it and the Engine or Bridge. Additionally it is the only point that grants a team a respawn time bonus.

This map is very large and due to its non-linear nature it is highly recommended that it be played on servers of 24 - 32 people.
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