Starch A4

Five points split between a corn farm and a wheat farm.

  1. Paper_
    This is actually a map I'd gotten competitive tested near the beginning of the year, but never uploaded here, until tonight! I wanted to get it updated for TESTCO.TF, and thus, we have A4.

    Starch is a competitive-oriented 5cp set in RED's wheat farm and BLU's corn farm, with the spawn buildings acting as spytech(ish) facades. It takes inspiration from Snakewater, Granary, Badlands, and Harvest.

    20190924204730_1.jpg 20190924205005_1.jpg 20190924204837_1.jpg 20190924204859_1.jpg 20190924204930_1.jpg 20190924204801_1.jpg 20190924205132_1.jpg 20190924205022_1.jpg