standpipe a4

A KotH map taking place inside of an over-sized watertower.

  1. Dr. Bum |SCG|
    After a very long time, I've finally decided to upload a new map. My old maps are pretty much beyond saving since I was really new to hammer and TF2 mapping when I made them. Hopefully, this one not so much.

    I can tell there will be some problems with this map, but don't all a1's? I just hope it won't be beyond repair where I have to scorch the entire thing.

    Anyhow, I've always really liked Turbine's theme (not so much the map itself) so I decided to make a map where I could start using that theme once I have reached the detailing stages. This will probably require a lot of tweaking to make all classes happy while playing it, and if so it will be just that much more experience for me. 20180904115432_1.jpg 20180904115453_1.jpg 20180904115503_1.jpg 20180904115516_1.jpg 20180904115537_1.jpg 20180904115615_1.jpg 20180904115722_1.jpg

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