standpipe a4

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standpipe a4

A KotH map taking place inside of an over-sized watertower.

After a very long time, I've finally decided to upload a new map. My old maps are pretty much beyond saving since I was really new to hammer and TF2 mapping when I made them. Hopefully, this one not so much.

I can tell there will be some problems with this map, but don't all a1's? I just hope it won't be beyond repair where I have to scorch the entire thing.

Anyhow, I've always really liked Turbine's theme (not so much the map itself) so I decided to make a map where I could start using that theme once I have reached the detailing stages. This will probably require a lot of tweaking to make all classes happy while playing it, and if so it will be just that much more experience for me.
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Latest updates

  1. Getting There

    Koth_standpipe_a4 changelog - Increased water texture scale - Increased ceiling height on mid by an additional 192 hammer units I meant to do this since a1, but it always slipped my mind. Soldiers shouldn't be bumping their head nearly as...
  2. More Changes

    This version of the map has actually be done for a while, I've just been eyeballing it here and there for more changes. Koth_standpipe_a3 changelog: - Lowered control point - Deleted some of the barriers around the control point I wanted to...
  3. A2 Release

    Koth_standpipe_a2 changelog: - Moved origin point out of the water Now you won't hear underwater sounds upon first loading into the map. - Widened an opening out of the water - Applied no-build to water - Lowered water slightly This...