Stallberg rc3

Rottenburg/Gorge-style single stage Payload map.

  1. A little balancing

    Even though the last imp was quite messy with the teams being decently unbalanced, people friendlying and what not, I was still able to find some valuable data out of it.

    - put down judgement on several spots and clipped them - some will stay though, as I do not find them to be problematic.
    - Adjusted respawn times for 1st and 2nd
    - Closed the window around 1st and slowed the cart down as it goes up hil in an effort to simplify the area and allow RED to hold it for longer. This should significantly impact the performance RED has on the first point, as before RED would often just get beaned out of it. It also makes the Sentry on the highground a lot more powerful.
    - Fixed some ways of shooting into BLU spawn's outdoor area.

    Given I am mostly focusing on balancing and want to see how these changes play out, smaller bugs such as lighting issues/purely visual ones will be fixed at a later date.
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