Stallberg rc1

Rottenburg/Gorge-style single stage Payload map.

  1. It's beginning to look alot like Something

    While I am quite happy that the map seems to be shaping up quite nicely into something I'd personally say resembles a map, this update progresses the squishing of annoying sightlines and the issue that Last is too hard for BLU to push through.

    CHANGELOG(given the changes can actually be counted this time)
    - Cap 3 highground has been moved forward an inch so Engineers and Heavies on the highground can now more effectively deal with the lowground attackers.
    - Lowground on Cap 2 now has a tunnel to the flank to more effectively allow the flank area to be used by both attackers and defenders
    - Building that lead to the flank area is now stretched out a bit to avoid a yucky sightline.
    - Last was given the following changes:
    -- Widened rocks
    -- two pillars are now available which are there to block sniper sightlines. They are placed in the rocks, so this shouldnt matter for lowground combat.
    -- Widened the cliff area.
    -- Added a new building that allows BLU to now take more notice of the flank alongside of giving BLU snipers/etc quite a decent sight of the point ahead of them.
    -- Widened the window in the (from red's perspective) left building to allow BLU to further capitalize on the position.

    Hopefully, the Last point is now a whole lot easier for BLU to take down while still, obviously, remaining a Last point!
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