Stallberg rc3

Rottenburg/Gorge-style single stage Payload map.

  1. New name + Release + Some smaller fixes

    I am happy to announce that this update will mark the public release of Wreckenberg - now known as Stallberg because Wreckenberg is a bad name.

    This map took a lot of effort and a lot of annoying the crap out of TF2maps community members to get them to help me fix some lighting issues, but it was all worth it in the end!

    I learned a lot during this map, and while often stressful was also a lot of fun to develop.

    - Updated the original download with the most recent description, name, screenshots etc.
    - Changed name from "Wreckenberg" to "Stallberg"
    - Fixed a few texture issues
    - Fixed a few lighting issues
    - Fixed resupply lockers not animating properly
    - Clipped a few brushes
    - Slightly adjusted detailing at a few areas

    I'm off to uni now, but I hope we'll meet again in a TF2Maps server near you!
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