Stallberg rc3

Rottenburg/Gorge-style single stage Payload map.

  1. Finish line ahead

    I was finally able to crack down on several lighting issues thanks to the help provided in not only the Discord, but also the forums here, so a big thank you to everyone that helped.

    This finally cleared one of my biggest frustrations I had with the map, and I am happy to say that unless my mind suddenly changes, release is crystal clear very very soon ahead, making B6 very likely the last in the beta line and the following imp very likely the last.

    The map has been tested even outside TF2Maps and from both a visual and gameplay perspective, I received a thumbs-up from groups I very clearly trust as far as TF2 goes.

    But for all I know I'll realize I left out a big thing while I'm under the shower tonight and I'll sit on this map for the next month - let's hope not!

    Either way, the changelog:
    - Clipped the absolutely living hell out of the map. A lot of detailing support beams will now be non-solid, which means that explosive classes and the like should not bump their heads on them and be freely allowed to jump with their fullest potential.
    - Fixed a few non-solid props in gameplay spaces.
    - Fixed several incredibly annoying lighting issues!
    - Raised the non-accessible roof around the flank at second to prevent players from thinking they can go on top of it.
    - Changed a few HDR values.

    See you next imp, it'll be an interesting one!
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