Stallberg rc3

Rottenburg/Gorge-style single stage Payload map.

  1. I can touch, I can feel, I can hear and see, so much more than a fantasy!

    This update adds the leftovers of what would need to be something I personally consider a full package map - standard stuff that was missing before. With this update, you've got the whole happy meal on your toes now. Minus the crusty fries because we still have some lighting issues to deal with..

    - Reworked the arch gate around second so the second opening doesn't look ugly
    - Added Soundscapes/Ambience all over the map! Wow, you can actually hear things now and the inner of a building sounds like it should, alongside of that waterfall...
    - RED will now instantly respawn after third is capped.
    - Arrows have been deleted/relocated
    - Added a decent chunk of "No entry" street signs over doors to prevent players from walking into the wrong direction - unless they were to entirely ignore it.
    - A few detailing touch-ups here and there
    - Fixed several fade distances
    - Clipped a few areas
    - Added really cool demoknight jumps at second and first
    - Touched up a certain secret hidden in the map :)
    - Fixed a few fullblack faces/screwed props
    - Added spectator cameras
    - Some more optimization efforts

    - Continue to keep a steady eye on imps to make sure gameplay works as I imagine it to
    - Fix some lighting issues
    - A light touch of detailing here and there maybe

    See you next imp!
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