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stain planning

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stain planning

A 4 control point steel style attack-defense map for the Dynamic cp contest

My entry for the Dynamic Cp Contest

An steel-style attack-defense cp map with 4 control points, that might later change to a custom a/d gamemode variant.
Currently featuring an instance I'm very proud of, two build cps and 2 in the process of being built, and one really nasty sightline.
Still in early building stages, not yet playable, but since I didn't want to spam the wip in wip thread, I made this thread, and would put here all the updates and ideas I would have during the development.

To start off- here's what I've done so far on the map.

It's a top-view (mostly to scale), showing the 1st and 2nd cps and areas, that are already built in hammer.

The map would play much like steel, so the last point (D) would always be able to be capped by BLU, but unlike steel, it would only have 3 prior cps (A, B, C), and once A is capped, both B and C would be avaliable to BLU for capping, somewhat like G-pit's A and B.
The map should be less confusing than steel, because unlike the circle-shaped steel, this map is more linear and as a result, more straight-forward (pun intended).
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Attack/Defense CP

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