Staggering Rock a11b

Four point payload map, featuring Rocks

  1. Alpha 4

    Pretty big update, since a3 got a lot of good feedback.

    Point A:
    • Widened area outside Blu spawn
    • Added a fence that prevents Blu from walking to A too quickly, but the fence lowers after A has been capped
    • Increased the size of, and added more cover to Red's high group at A to make it more defendable
    Point B:
    • Removed the roadblock
    • Lengthened and widened the path between A and B
    • Widened Blu's holding area before B, and added another building for more cover
    • Turned one of the boxjumps into a ramp
    • Reduced the amount of metal
    Point C:
    • Added another stairwell connecting the high and low flanks, so that Blu players are no longer forced to commit to the path they choose
    • Added health and ammo to one of the stairwells, as well as filled the dead space in the room
    • Turned a ramp into a boxjump so that Red can't reach the high flank as easily
    • Reduced the amount of metal
    Point D:
    • Made the left route more viable for Blu by giving it a height advantage, and making it harder for Red to reach
    • Medium health kit on left route moved to the Blu side
    • Embiggened the high ground for Red
    • Gave Red more cover on their high ground
    General Changes:
    • Initial timer reduced (4:30 -> 4:00)
    • A adds less time (4:00 -> 3:00)
    • B adds less time (5:00 -> 4:00)
    • C adds less time (6:00 -> 4:30)
      • Might reduce this further in the future, probably to 4:00
    • Updated/refined a lot of cover
    • Lowered the skybox to something sensible
    • Added some more signs
    • Added a c a c t u s
    A.jpg AB.jpg B.jpg C.jpg D.jpg rocket.jpg cactus.jpg cliff.jpg
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