squishy_mc9 A1

Made in three and a half hours for microcontest #9

  1. DrSquishy
    Made for microcontest #9! This is probably too short, but oh well. I had fun working on the geometry and with the plan in mind (I usually just wing gameplay spaces and make up everything on the spot aside from overarching theme ideas), and I feel this B is better than my past microcontest entries!

    I was working with lucky on this, judge for yourself how closely we followed our plan.

    our plan:

    Custom assets:
    *Clouds by theatreTechie
    *Karsch materials made by me
    *Striped glass by asg alligator
    *Moneyface by chin

    cp_squishy_mc9_a10000.png cp_squishy_mc9_a10001.png cp_squishy_mc9_a10002.png cp_squishy_mc9_a10003.png
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