squishy_mc8 A1

Made in three hours for microcontest #8

  1. DrSquishy
    Made in 3 hours for microcontest 8. B and A->B is probably a little cramped and dark and red probably spawns too close to B, I'm very pleased with A and the opening area though. This was a small theming test of sorts for a planned future map, in which I hope to expand this general idea (moving towards greek pumice mines on the island of gyali potentially). Thanks to 14bit for hosting this microcontest

    cp_squishy_mc8_a10003.png cp_squishy_mc8_a10000.png cp_squishy_mc8_a10001.png cp_squishy_mc8_a10004.png

    Go listen to girls in airports' Fables and nils frahm's All Melody, they're two great albums that got me through the gruelling three hour crunch