squishy_mc10 A1

a slightly faithful sequel to koth_voltov

  1. DrSquishy
    Made in about 3 hours for microcontest #10

    This is somewhat of a sequel to koth_voltov, my 2018 summer jam map. I'd have done a stormguard/bunker sequel for the contest if I was confident that I could finish it in time (I wasn't), and my earliest koth map was deleted from the site long ago with no copies/screenshots remaining.
    I ended up choosing voltov because it was the same gamemode as that earliest koth map and voltov is the earliest map of mine (other than the aforementioned) that I actually remember what I was thinking when I designed it and the inspirations around it.
    This map keeps the idea of the train spawn exit, a long deathpit around the point, a point over the pit with a path beneath it, and the holding position away from the cliff - as with the earliest iterations of voltov, I took some of the inspiration for that back area from the map koth_pacific by defcon, which I feel has some very interesting gameplay spaces

    koth_squishy_mc10_a10003.png koth_squishy_mc10_a10000.png koth_squishy_mc10_a10004.png koth_squishy_mc10_a10001.png koth_squishy_mc10_a10002.png

    This is probably too short and too cramped at points
    Ty to emil for the theme suggestion

    Custom content:
    *Skinny pines by diva dan
    *Soviet signs by reiid
    *Arctic assets from the timberghost arctic lost textures pack
    *Glass window from EOTL
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