Square a4

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A4 - 24 Spooky skeletons

Continue to make the map "wackier" so people won't mistaking it with other "serious" CTF maps and start giving unnecessary feedbacks

+There's now rain & fog

+Add skeletons, there'll be 24 skeletons spawn randomly on both graveyards, one each

+Add a ladder up to the roof of the house

+Turn the middle spell into rare one, and some low ground displacement

+Some minor layout changes: 45 degrees stairs, balcony hiding spot


+Hidden gargoyles around the map
+Bulletblock all the staircases
+Bring the cameras back

Note: the skeletons need nav_mesh to function, it's already in the zip, just don't delete
A3 - More fun

Add pumpkin bombs around key areas in both bases
Remove all bottom door frames
Add Spell patches
Some minor changes

Still no layout change
A2 - Bring it back from death just to forget about it for another thousand years

Abandoned the map right after its first disaster playtest, but after awhile i think there's another chance, so here're some changes:

-Bring the spawn room back to the intel room
-Change some health & ammo packs
-Add Spells (also pumkin crit bonus on death)
-Some minor layout changes