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Spring B1 2016-04-04

A KOTH map set in a mountain valley

  1. Skullio
    Battle for control of a bridge that crosses a fast-flowing river. Admire the views but try not to get washed downstream!

    This is my first TF2 map. So far it is fairly well detailed and optimized but has not been tested for gameplay. I have had a lot of fun making this, hopefully it is fun to play too.

    The layout is fairly simple and I think it is slightly bigger than most KOTH maps, but hopefully not too oversized for gameplay. I have kept the default spawn and capture times that come with the ABS prefabs, I'm not sure if these need changed.

    Thanks to everyone who contributes on this excellent forum, it is a fantastic resource. Thanks especially to Boojum for the prefab packs which are incredibly useful and easy to use.

    To-do list for future versions:

    - Fix the badly lit props
    - Increase some displacement powers so they look nicer
    - Increase lightmap sizes on textures that need the attention
    - Add more minor details like wires
    - Figure out the batch compiler for a nicer finish
    - Fix some props that are fading out too close to the player

    - Maybe increase lighting in the darker areas
    - Maybe add more health and ammo packs if they are needed

    Thanks for checking out my map I hope you enjoy it!


    1. koth_spring_b10001.jpg
    2. koth_spring_b10003.jpg
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