spookleus rc3

event version of arena_nucleus

  1. Penguin
    a dread presence descends upon arena_nucleus...

    whipped up in just under 48hrs, arena_spookleus features all that good nucleus gameplay you know and love, with a suitably festive coat of paint!

    • 3 whole spellbooks in terrifyingly dangerous locations!
    • numerous jack-o-lanterns at every frightening turn!
    • more purple fog than you can shake a bone at!
    oh, and did i mention: it's haunted? by who? by YOU!

    in arena_spookleus, players spawn as ghosts, capable of three-dimensional flight across the map. after 20 seconds pass, the capture point opens, and all players simultaneously materialize as their chosen classes! use the time to reach higher ground than you thought possible, or just find a good hiding spot!

    as players meet their grim and unfortunate ends in the arena, they will again return to their ghastly form, able to torment the living players for the rest of eternity! or at least the rest of the round. whichever is sooner.


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Recent Updates

  1. the terrifying compatibility update!