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|fixed typo in one of the tips
|visual enhancements
+added more ammo around the bombsites for engineers
+added breaking bad
+added a 50% reduction to the cost of constructing buildings as Engineer to hopefully make them more viable
|visual enhancements
|clipping fixes
-removed the full ammo box on top of B
+added permanent team-out lines because of TF2's lack of radar, it should now be much easier to know what's going on with your team
|Some displacements were added too
+added new message for late joiners
|changed geo in HUT
|de-arched a lot of doorways
|minor visual enhancements
|changed the map's name
|changed shape of some entrances
|hopefully fixed COCK ROCK displaying when it shouldn't
+added new one-way route to BINGUS to make retaking B easier.
|changed HUT
|changed MIDDLE's overhang to make it harder for RED to spot BLU crossing the double doors to A as well as making it easier for BLU to rotate from HUT to CATWALK without being seen
|changed the timing on the force respawn to prevent instant Ubers out of the gates, as I originally intended Ubers to only play a role for retaking sites
|added a HUD message for BLU when the bomb has been dropped
|changed the plank on Bombsite A to disconnect it from the dropdown

This should hopefully be one of the last versions until I push this map into Beta
|compiled with triggers
|increased the size of Bingus
+added some high ground to Bingus to help with bombsite B retakes

+added critters

|changed some geometry on bombsite A to hopefully make it easier to defend

|detailed some things
|decreased the round timer a tad
|increased the amount of time it takes to plant the bomb by 2 seconds
|fixed invulnerable players from triggering the defuse sound and message
|fixed some typos on some tips