Spellcasting robots and engineer on MVM v2

Automatically provides spellbooks to bots/players and changes some of the spells

  1. rafradek
    • Gives spells to robots with a cooldown: 10s for robots with tag bot_witch and 4.5s for robots with tag bot_witch_giant
    • Gives spells to engineers with a cooldown, that can be configured by firing specified inputs on wave_spell_relay.
      • FireUser1 - 11s delay
      • FireUser2 - 8s delay
      • FireUser3 - 6s delay
      • FireUser4 - 4.1s delay
      • Trigger - 3s delay
    • Changes duration of meteor shower and orb
    • Removes scale from minify spell
    • All features can be disabled with visgroups
    Make all big triggers cover the whole playable space
    Move all small triggers outside of the play area
    All other entities can go anywhere

    Iit is required that you only select either simple or optimized implementation of no minify spell, or none of them to enable the minify spell.

                Target wave_spell_relay
                Action <trigger> //One of the specified above inputs, such as FireUser1

Recent Updates

  1. Cleared it up a bit