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- the cubemap effects from the older versions are back
- improved visibility optimization with areaportals
- added a golden pan (with a protector)
- updated library area (with a haunting ghost)
- replaced jump ramps with mario kart ramps
- added collectable coins
- keep all lasers activated to unlock the artifact room
- added arena to the party room
- added some space ships (ported from GMod)
- new sound effects
- removed the Vortigaunts from the asteroid field to avoid client crashes
- added 2Fort on the roof
- improved spawn rooms
- added a death trigger when falling off the sakura island
- added a road on the roof for bumpercar races
- added a WIP credits room
- new secrets
- new music

! Due to map construction I had to move the env_cubemap somewhere else and realised too late that the cubemap effect is almost invisible compared to the previous map versions. I will fix this in the future !

(TF2 maps still has problems with uploading the map here, that's why it's an external link)
(TF2Maps had issues with uploading the map, that's why it's an external link. I'll use the TF2Maps uploader for future versions again)
- added water pools
- added secret forest area
- added a spytech corner
- added japanese town in the asteroid field
- added death triggers when falling down in space (finally)
- the green xen portal has moved somewhere else
- blue energy doors respawn every 5 seconds after being deactivated
- added more detail to the map
- added lots of new music
- added a simulator room
- added energy doors
- added dispenser tanks for players
- added jump pads in the hangar
- added energy platforms for the mvm-tanks
- added more lighting and detail
- the stairs have a player clip now
- added warps (spawn, party room, simulator room)
- added a new secret area + music