Soviet Heavy Poster v1

Sad Soviet Heavy Poster. He looks like ancient soldier!

  1. Emil_Rusboi
    Some day, in the third round of the Highlander 9vs9 on cp_Coldfront, Russian heavy Петрович after the attack of the roamer soldier lost his close friend - medic Михалыч.

    He lost his best pocket medic. He lost his favorite vintage sandwich. He lost his favorite strange killstreak minigun. He has lost his favorite unusual hat. BUT! He will never lose his faith in Soviet Union!

    I made this poster in SFM just for fun. You can use it in your soviet themed maps. It is overlay and you can place it anywhere you want.

    If you want something similar - ask me.


    1. 20190428162816_1.jpg
    2. 20190428162851_1.jpg
    3. heavy.png