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sovereignty A6

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  1. cp_sovereignty A5 update

    - Resolved multiple clipping issues across whole map
    - Resolved multiple long sight lines
    - Moved second cap slightly to be more central in relation to its surrounding buildings
    - Added rock over hang in caves mid area
    - Added window to large building at second point
    - Added upper walkway and rear entrance to building at second point

    - Yes its medieval themed, no its not melee only. I don't think this breaks any kind of unwritten rule.
    - Feedback is noted on the waterfalls providing cover for snipers. I still want to see if I can't make them work as a gameplay element and don't believe that any of these currently provide a significant advantage.
    - Feedback is noted on trees in the playspace. I will likely add clipping to them rather than remove them. Current locations don't particularly provide cover that can be exploited.
    - Feedback is noted on the connections/routes that the caves area provides. Routes are configured to deliberately force players to take extended paths when using these. This is why there is no stairs to provide an easy path to the door to 2nd if coming from mid.
    - Watching the A4 demo, gameplay currently seems to flow in what I believe is an acceptable fashion. Possesion of mid and the second points seems to change ownership througout a round. Backcapping is redily available to either team via the cave area. This is intended though I accept that it does not fit the standard model of progression that some players expect of a standard 5cp map. Different isn't necessarily bad.
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