sovereignty A6

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  1. cp_sovereignty A2 update

    - Reviewed scaling:
    The map feels overscaled currently but cap distances are spaced well compated to other 5cp maps. It is intended that the map has a large height scale. Additional props and buildings will reduce this effect in due course. 2nd needs additional buildings and paths added for the next update.

    - Reworked last for scale and height variance
    - Resolved a mistake that caused a diference in team respawn times
    - Added additional clipping
    - Resolved displacment that was too steep to walk up at mid
    - Resolved issues with multiple excessive sightlines
    - Added additional directional sinage
    - Added patches under pickups
    - Added lights to a dark corner of the cave area
    - Increased size of some health and ammo pickups
    - Added markings for cap trigger zones
    - Added textures to one of the buildings at 2nd to demonstrate scaling.
    - Stopped 2nd forward spawns from being enterable from outside and removed the resupply
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