Source SDK Example VMFs v2

All the vmfs previously included in the now defunct Source SDK install

  1. Crash
    Back when we had to use the Source SDK tool to open Hammer, the install of it included a bunch of official vmf files (non-decompiled!) for a bunch of maps. Since Source SDK is no longer required, and it seems like they aren't included in that install anymore anyway, here they all are!

    Files included in this zip file:
    Note that these are not necessarily the latest versions of these maps, so things might be a little different from current stock. These are intended to be for educational use. I obviously hold no rights to these, they are 100% Valve products, I'm just sharing them for ease of use.

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  1. leprecan
    Version: v2
    Does what it says on the tin, if your SDK didn't install these example files, you can manually get them here. Good for peace of mind!