Sootopolis City (Deathmatch/Trade Map)

Sootopolis City (Deathmatch/Trade Map) b4f

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Sootopolis City (Deathmatch/Trade Map) b4f

A nostalgic trip for all Pokemon fans!

A recreation of the beautiful hidden Sootopolis ity from the game Pokemon Emerald version. The map is inspired from Frewie's pkmn_goldenrodcity, taking textures from the original game and putting them into place for a 3D map. The map is nice and open, making it fun to explore and rocket/sticky jump around. There are a few buildings that can be used as outposts for each team. Music from the original city plays ambiently in the background as you battle other players on the map. A special thanks to the folks at for the help they gave me while creating this map. Textures copyright Nintendo.

I hope you enjoy this map as much as I enjoyed creating it!
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Latest updates

  1. Final Update

    Totally forgot to update the map on other places I had it available! I missed the chance to upload the b2 and b3f versions, but I feel it might be better this way. Enjoy! Feel free to check the update notes and new screenshots on the Steam...