Solitude b1

By pitto

  1. pitto


    The beta version is finally here.
    Note that this was slightly rushed to get it out in time for the contest.
    As such there are some areas that could use some more detailing and lighting tweaking. Also the custom submarine models are still textured in plain team colours.

    Special thanks to:
    • A Boojum Snark for his game mode entity setup and additional entity advise.
    • Youme for pakrat trouble shooting.


    1. plr_solitude_b10004.jpg
    2. plr_solitude_b10003.jpg
    3. plr_solitude_b10007.jpg
    4. plr_solitude_b10002.jpg
    5. plr_solitude_b10006.jpg
    6. plr_solitude_b10009.jpg