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Snowyard a2

MvM map by red3pit

  1. red3pit
    Snowyard is a MvM map taking place in some snowy land.
    Inside the zip you have all the files you need (nav and pop files are packed into bsp, but just in case they wouldn't work, they're in).

    Feedback very much appreciated!

    20171022182913_1.jpg 20171022182941_1.jpg 20171022183007_1.jpg 20171022183023_1.jpg 20171022183031_1.jpg 20171022183038_1.jpg 20171022183048_1.jpg 20171022183102_1.jpg 20171022183107_1.jpg 20171022183114_1.jpg 20171022183123_1.jpg 20171022183131_1.jpg 20171022183152_1.jpg

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