Snowy Winter B4

Alpha map,2 bases,buildings,snow,death-pit

  1. Noobz4Life
    pl_snowywinter0029.jpg Sorry about the overview,I forgot to disable my hud.
    pl_snowywinter0034.jpg pl_snowywinter0035.jpg pl_snowywinter0036.jpg pl_snowywinter0037.jpg pl_snowywinter0038.jpg pl_snowywinter0039.jpg Looks like blu and red found themselfs in a winter town.Lets see how this turns up.

    Hello Everyone!I am proud to present


    My first released TF2 Map.

    NOTE:The display images are outdated.The map has got updated since then.

    This map contains 2 bases,buildings,way to get onto some roofs,falling off the map kills you.

    Sorry about the earlier verisons.I know now not to waste verisons numbers on unfinshed verisons of the map.

    I am slowly improving.

    Want to know when this map gets a update?
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    Please comment any bugs you find.

    Thank You Too:
    The Sacred Dragon( Play-Tester )
    Daybreak37( Play-Tester )
    Dasnvi( Feedback )
    Zed( Feedback )

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