Snowthistle B5b

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- implemented an overtime bugfix by Le Codex.
- fixed a single wrong decimal causing blue to win 70% of matches. ive known about this unbalance for YEARS but only worked out what was causing it this morning due to a random discord message.
- both these bugfixes have been implemented into the gamemode prefab.
- added cubemaps throughout the map.
- minor prop changes.
Back for more, nearly a year after the last update! This update mainly focuses on optimisation and lighting, with some layout adjustments sprinkled in for flavour.

- Removed an entrance to mid on each team's left side. This entrance was underused, awkward to leave through, opened up a problematic sightline and hit frames hard, so it's gone. Entering mid from this area is still not too difficult, as you can simply go around the wall or go over, so it hopefully shouldn't impact player flow. I've added an arrow sign to indicate the existing route into mid around the wall.
- Added a truck prop in that left side area to give a bit more interest and opportunities for spy and teleporter play to a now sparse zone.
- Added an internal ramp over the barbed wire wall at mid to make moving through that area more streamlined.
- Changed the floor texture of mid to something less visually noisy but still in the same spirit.
- Changed the most controversial part of this map - the cart explosion now explodes both carts instead of turning one into a phys object. I fully expect public outcry from this decision.
- Changes to spawn: right internal exit is now wider and more direct, and left external exit has been pulled back along with the internal exit being moved slightly to make the cave transition more direct. Restructured the inside slightly to accomodate these changes. The spawns are still completely undetailed, as these changes still need testing.
- Lighting improvements over the entire map, and lots of general ghost lighting, to hopefully make many areas more clear, especially where fog would help to hide sentries or players against dark walls. Have also brightened the ambient light colour to help problematic shadows a bit.
- Moved back the start of the fog a little bit for the same reason.
- Minor visual improvements, mainly to add more interest to sparse areas and better denote team side ownership at a glance.
- General clipping and geometry improvements around the map, mainly continuing the aim of having less weird spaces to get stuck on or in while fighting, and balancing sniper/engie spots.
- Turned a few fences into world geo where them being transparent was unnecessary and just worsened optimisation.
- A LOT of optimisation (hinting, occluders, areaportals), especially around and across mid, which should hopefully make a positive difference!
- Added fade distances to most smaller props on the map.
- Slightly tweaked the explosion particles.
- Many, many minor tweaks n fixes to weird stuff from 2018.
- i tried to add an env_sun but every time i did it broke my vmf.
so i compiled b4 with toolbrushes off lol
ty gravidea for telling me
It's been about two years since I started this map, and more than a year and a half since I last updated it. There's a lot of things I really like about it and quite a few things I think could be much better, not to mention I've had a huge amount of playtesting on the most recent version from the contest judging period. This update is focused more on gameplay refinements than visuals. Let's hope I haven't ruined it :p

- Fully tore out and rebuilt spawn areas, which are currently remaining undetailed while they're being tested. The new spawns should vibe a bit more Gravelpit.
- Generally a lot of the visuals around spawns and spawn yards rn are work-in-progress while I'm playtesting this change.
- Relocated waterfalls.
- Added a spot in the first corner on the spiral ramp where you can crouch jump to the nearby ledge.
- Slightly moved pickups at lower floor of mid inside the central tower, to be more visible and in a less tight space.
- Turned clipping above corner towers into shorter spikes with trigger_pushes, which should hopefully be less obtrusive to jump classes.
- General geometry and displacement adjustments, especially with the aim of creating less awkward little spaces to get stuck in during combat.
- Messed with prop lighting settings.
- Swapped mossy rocks for plain or frosty equivalents (might try find or make a frosty waterfall rock skin later).
- Additional debris and supports.
- Removed cables for now.
- Disabled far-z clip plane.
- HDR changes.
- Some additional optimisation, not done by any means. The map is no longer a diaper skybox !!!
- Fixed a small logic issue concerning cart checkpoint skin changes.
- Removed flame effect from carts. Will likely make a decision about cart behaviour after round win in future versions, since the current behaviour is an issue for some people.
- Quite significantly reduced amount of unnecessary custom content.

Also, if you can think of a better name for the map, pls hit me up on discord with it! 'Snowthistle' was always meant to be temporary and I'd love to find something better fitting :)
- Added signs for speedup by checkpoints.
- Added a custom poster as a lil signature.
- Mentioned cart speedup in setup onscreen text.
- Nobuilded under some foliage.
- Added a rock under a bush by spawn to lessen potential of camping.
- Messed around with a lotta prop lighting and lightmaps - I don't think anything can fix the ivy underneath the wood platforms. :/
- Changed rocks and cliffs to AsG_Alligator's mossy versions.
- Roughed up tops of ruined walls with very small displacements.
- Rimmed and retextured stairs.
- Metal flooring in right spawn tunnel.
- Changed bushes.
- Thinned cables.
- Lighting changes.
- Blocklighted the spawnroom doors.
- Made it foggier.
- Attempts at optimisation.
- Artpass of playspace.
- Lots of prop additions, changes and refinements.
- Lighting + displacement adjustments.
- Made the snow sparkly.
- Moved cart spectator cameras up.
- Repacked the map.

Out of bounds areas, spawn tunnels + 3D skybox still not done.
- Made losing team's cart set on fire when derailed - unfortunately at the moment this fire does not stay upright, so looks pretty odd when the cart is angled. I should hopefully be able to find a fix for this.
- Nobuilded underneath most trees.
- Changed prop patches.
- Raised displacement by side entrances to mid so players don't have to jump.
- Closed a displacement seam in the spawn tunnels.
- Turned down bloom scale slightly.

This may well be the last alpha version!
- Added logs with board ramps on lower level of mid.
- Remade cart base structure.
- Raised a ledge to allow for jumping onto the new cart base structure.
- Efforts to hinder/block sightlines through geometry + prop changes/additions.
- Symmetry corrections.
- Changed ceiling texture within spawnrooms.
- Repositioned some path_tracks.
- Fixed spawnpoints to stop all players spawning at all points regardless of team.
- Trying to get this version out as quick as I can, so I've neglected to build cubemaps - sorry!