Snowshore rc2

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-Updated menu photo​
-Changed the water beneath the bridge​
-Fixed a small leak​
-Now presents can be picked by any player (but you'll get more health if it's a present from a teammate)​
-Changed the textures of the presents​
-Added more lights​
-Added more snow on the shore (hence the name of the map)​
-Added back the presents gimmick, but now it works different​
This is just a test, I just removed the presents gimmick, let me know if its more fun now
-Map is a bit brighter​
-Changed the sounds of the boosts​
-Now the presents cant get stuck under the floor​
-Changed the ice texture​
-Added menu photo​
-Added more small details​
-Removed health boost​
-Made the presents a bit bigger​
-Made more clear how the boosts work (i hope)​
-Added some lights around the warehouse and some other minor details​
-Added a glow effect to the presents to make them easier to see​
-Added a text for the presents​
-Fixed exterior lights​
-Fixed being able to pick mannpower powerups​
-Added a new gimmick (I hope it's fun)​
-Changed lightning and skybox​
-Changed names of the CPs​
-Red light in the tower flickers​
-Fixed some wood beams in the spawns​
-Added some minor details​
-Reduced file size​
-Raised the snow (yeah, it's not much)​
-Fixed cubemaps
-Made louder the bell sound
-Changed the back of the warehouse​