Multi Stage Snowplow Final Version

A Journey fraught with difficulties

  1. YM
    Originally made for the End of the Line Update, the map was cut from the update. However it is now part of The Gun Mettle Update!


    1. cp_snowplow_sfm_s1_rc10000.jpg
    2. cp_snowplow_sfm_s1_rc10003.jpg
    3. cp_snowplow_sfm_s1_rc10005.jpg
    4. cp_snowplow_sfm_s2_rc10000.jpg
    5. cp_snowplow_sfm_s2_rc10001.jpg
    6. cp_snowplow_sfm_s2_rc10002.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. RevolutionTeam
    Version: Final Version
    I love Snowplow. I don't understand why people hate the train - it's just a complex custom timer! It's a shame that VALVe thought Attack-Defense was too confusing.
  2. Yellow
    Version: Final Version
    Alot of love and care went into this map, very well made and pretty enjoyable. It's a two stage 3cp attack/defend, first stage is snowy and second stage is grassy.