Snowmountain a4

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Snowmountain a4

This is a map that will take place BELOW a mountain! (Later)

This map is heavily based around the idea that you will either hold the capture point for multiple minutes, or lose it instantly 10 seconds after capturing.

This is done through giving the team who capped an advantage, by making the defense easier, however, the main way also gets closed off for the team who is currently controlling the point, forcing them to use longer, or super dangerous ways in order to get to the point.

The map's main part is the big "CP Courtyard" i may call it, which is the area surrounding the CP Area, its pretty open, with little to no cover, but if you somehow get through there, you can entirely demolish the enemy backline, since the both "Main Buildings" provide alot of cover.

The courtyard is split into two pieces which i call "Red / Blu Courtyard" (I know innovative name), which both have a balcony which overlooks the respecting courtyard, however the balcony is pretty exposed, and you can get shot from everywhere, heck even from the other courtyard, also your line of sight at the Control Point is limited, even from the courtyard.

When capturing the Control Point, both trapdoors will open for a full minute, revealing toxic water beneath, which could kill you in a matter of seconds, there is still a tiny part of where you can stand on, however you can get knocked off there pretty easily.

There are also two buildings next to the CP Area, both inhabit a Full Ammo and Health pack, however, these rooms are pretty choky, making it risky to go in there.... Oh! And there is also Toxic water in both buildings.

I hope you enjoy the map.
- Unbent
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Latest updates

  1. Layout Update

    Update a4 Mayor: * Changed one of the buildings next to the CP * Readded the Balcony * Changed the general middle layout * Added a way to look into the enemy teams backcourtyard * Added more Cars ;) Minor: * Fixed small bugs * Fixed most...
  2. Massive layout changes and lighting upgrade

    Update A3 Mayor: * Reworked almost the entire CP Courtyard * Made the CP Courtyard smaller in size * Reduced time taken to walk to the CP * Replaced the balcony with a drop * Added an area above the CP, which is only accessable by Engi's...
  3. General Gameplay, and performance update.

    Update a2 Mayor: * Removed unused parts of the map behind both team's spawns * Added Medpacks into both teams pillar rooms * Added Ammopacks onto rocks in both courtyards * Fixed that the Garage door would block the Balcony when opened Minor: *...