snowflake b3

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snowflake b3


The Night Before Christmas, Santa Was Ready to Get all the presents done for all the good kids in the world But! The Robots start attacking Santa's workshop In order to destroy Christmas! You and your best Friends should work as a team to stop robots for doing such a thing and Save Christmas!

you can Find the Map and download it and play it here:

Also on the map there are 6 cows wearing santa's hat . try to find them. And the First one to find all 6 cows wins absolutely nothing but it's nice to know that you did something before anyone else don't you?

MvM_Snowflake Is An Entry for the Mappers Vs Machines Contest.
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Mann Vs. Machine
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Latest updates

  1. MvM_SnowFlake Major Update

    In this Update: * More detailing was added. * Now The Upgrading Station inside Red Spawn Is unique looking not the Standard Upgrade Station prop-model that most mvm maps use. * a small deathpit was added inside the right building close to the...
  2. clip is back - lol

    in this version: * i updated the map and i enabled the clip . that's it.
  3. visual improvements and various fixes.

    In this version: * The Waves Now Last A lot Longer. * The Map Is now Fully detailed. * Fixed Robots not following their holograms arrows. * fixed many issues with the map. * Changed some things based on feedback. * Added More clip etc. *added...