Snowbase b20

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-missing from a10 changelog: removed most railings from blue fwd spawn roof to make spamming A more comfortable

-changed full health on high ground outside blue spawn to two mediums
-moved cliff pickups inside, changed health from medium to full
-made cliff route a bit bigger by the lower lobby entrance
-added one-way gate to underneath helipad from lower lobby
-changed health under helipad from small to medium
-several minor geometry changes in preparation for artpass
-raised some bushes to block a cheeky mini-sentry spot at B

-minor optimization work
-fixed blue setup gate not opening
-fixed being able to build in blue spawn
-clipped some soldier perches on B. was waiting for someone to properly abuse this before i clipped it off and guess what! they're annoying
-added snow

-changed blue spawn in order to enforce a more predictable flow and allow red a further forward hold at the start of the round, as well as eliminating an awkward perspective from red's high ground towards blue spawn
-changed cliff flank health from small to medium, moved health/ammo further in from cliff

-opened the big door going right onto the point (instead of small dinky door next to it).
-reverted dropdown back to stairwell.
-tightened lower platform in by 64 units.
-reverted to original under-helipad exit.
-changed cliff flank entrance to basement for better flow.
-moved health/ammo up to shutters.

-moved stairs in B lobby to the center to make them more obvious and more easily accessible. flow of the lobby should make a bit more sense
-moved upper B lobby pickups to other side of area where they were before
-moved pickups in B flank to other end of hallway
-moved B balcony pickups to pyramid room, changed health from small to medium
-removed all jump routes to B balcony. only accessible if you're a jumping class
-added stairs from the pyramid room/B connector that allow players up to the B balcony/pyramid room high ground
-double-checked the make sure that the bushes at B still have nobuild (they do!)

-increased red respawn time for first half of round to 8 (16) seconds

-reworked A lobby entirely to better allow fighting within it and better rotation for both teams. it is bigger now
-A lobby reworks consequently resized B lobby, though there are no real layout changes to speak of
-added wall to B by far (window-side) balcony, allowing blue to contest it more easily. also directs red players out of B room better
-adjusted pretty much all pickups at B
-added arrow to guide red players to A more easily

-changed health on inner high ground by blue spawn from medium to full
-part of railing on roof for blue fwd spawn opens to make exiting blue spawn more intuitive
-removed aircon unit from small shed because it looked ridiculous
-added various bits of cover in front of blue spawn to make holding forward more appealing to red
-enlarged dirt path to basement, added props to make it more appealing/obvious
-reconfigured stairwell to upper area when attacking B to make it more obvious to both teams. harder to access for blue, but should see more use overall
-added doorway to make small flank to final more obvious for blue
-added more arrows to aid with general navigation

-red respawn time for defending B from 5 (10) to 7 (14) seconds
-A capture time from 16 (32) to 24 (48)

-added shutters to main blue -> A route, enlarged by 128 units
-changed full ammo on A to medium, added full ammo further back to make sentry construction more viable
-reworked interior/basement routing to be hopefully more intuitive

-added medium health/ammo to blue side high ground by final
-added cover to red side high ground by final
-another attempt at fixing fwd spawns. im pretty sure i got it this time

-adjusted dimensions and cover around blue spawn -> A for sightlines and general openness
-added more props to ramp onto shed so its harder to walk off into death
-added awning over basement entrance to draw more attention to it
-adjusted stairs on side of final opposite red spawn to provide cover to blue team as they enter the room
-adjusted how upper route enters final point room to offer blue more opportunities to attack and to make pushing back out easier for red
-expanded "pyramid room" by 128 units
-moved consoles on that side of final to the new piece of cover, opening up the point to be more comfortable to walk around on
-changed small health at final to medium
-small flank on final point is locked until A is capped to reduce confusion for new red players navigating to A
-boosted ambient lighting from sun

-interior route from A towards spawn now goes from A to basement. added medium health and ammo
-changed medium ammo on interior high ground overlooking blue spawn to full ammo
-altered B flank route to look more like a flank, added medium health and small ammo
-modified some areas to give slightly better flanking opportunities when attacking last
-added small health by full ammo on B
-moved pickups on upper B route closer to blue
-added cover to shack near blue spawn to make it more useful for attackers. removed small ammo

-changed A capture time from 12 (24) seconds to 16 (32)
-changed B capture time from 7 (14) seconds to 10 (20)
-changed red spawn time while defending B from 7 (14) seconds to 8 (16)

-fixed issue where engineer could build in blue spawn
-fixed blue spawning in wrong spawn room, probably
-brightened parts of the map
-added some arrows to better lead red players towards B
-removed pink room