Snakewater final

Made by tovilovan

  1. tovilovan
    by tovilovan

    Final version out now!

    Snakewater is a 5-cp map set in an alpine lumberyard environment similar to Sawmill and Thundermountain. The gameplay is based around competitive play, but similarly to maps like Badlands and Yukon it should work great in public play as well.

    The main layout is based around having one main route and one flank throughout the map. A theme throughout the map is extreme height differences, with the mid having a bridge on top, and the second cap being overlooked by both a crane and two balconies. Emphasis has been put on making all classes balanced, not allowing any class to conquer the map singlehandedly. I've also tried to encourage aggressive play, allowing aggressive teams to control certain key areas, while still not making it impossible for a defensive team to get back on track.

    Feedback (both from public and competitive testing) is welcome and always appreciated.

    supersandvich for the sky and lighting setup
    Vig for the crane and railing models
    ABS for the resource pack
    Acegikmo and Ravidge for their useful resource maps
    Ost for being awesome (at times)
    Billykins for really valuable gameplay input
    Dotfloat and 42Pandas from Team Hyperbola
    Linus and o6. Team pickup
    Slicke, Hofven, tarmo-, grazr and all of you who have helped out on getting this map from planning to beta stage!
    Bulletcrops pack and tThe creators of thhe Construction pack


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Recent Reviews

  1. ShadowMan44
    Version: final
    Here's my critique on the latest update from June.
    It feels better, I don't remember playing it as much before the update but I know that whatever "movement smoother throughout map" and "some problematic areas like the kitchen" (there was a kitchen? what?), this map plays half decently thanks to those improvements.

    The one glaring thing I noticed the first time playing through it is that the arrows that are supposed to guide a team through a map have one particular arrow pointing the wrong way. Like it's near the entrance to the first point after base, you know the one. First time playing it, I thought that I was going in circles, like the map was telling my team to go into the 1st point. Like, shouldn't that be for the enemy team at least?

    Here's my solutions; either remove it, or flip it the other way around.
    It's a minor detail yeah, but someone playing it for the first time could get very confused by it.

    Other than that, as of now it's a decent 5cp map.
  2. Pixel Brush
    Pixel Brush
    Version: final
    By far the best map in this gamemode i've ever played!