Snakesand A4

Sandsnake? Never heard of it. This is the only desert payload map I've ever made..

  1. Alpha 4

    -Changes to last to improve attacking
    -Additional cover for third > last
    -Respawn wave adjustments
    -Changed cliff route to underground

    20170814072632_1.jpg 20170814072646_1.jpg 20170814072658_1.jpg 20170814072715_1.jpg 20170814072742_1.jpg
  2. Alpha 3

    Imp test provided some decent information on last and how players navigate first to second, in particular the flow of players heading underground. Evidenced by @Idolon there's a perception this is meant to be upward style. This is a failure on my part to properly direct players underground. The above ground isn't meant to be a main route like upward, but instead a minor flank that puts attackers at risk of getting caught by a respawn wave. The focus is entirely underground....
  3. Alpha 2

    Playtested during the US Imp and had the help of @Red Robot and @theatreTECHIE filling up the Aus server this afternoon and got some good information on improving the attacker experience.

    20170719211529_1.jpg 20170719211540_1.jpg 20170719211554_1.jpg 20170719211643_1.jpg 20170719211655_1.jpg

    -Improved dividers in Blu spawn to prevent spawn killing

    -Additional cover outside Blu spawn...
  4. another quick one

    Not many changes but me still dumb
  5. The 'Clip, You Idiot' Update

    Lots of changes, doesn't matter