Snakesand A4

Sandsnake? Never heard of it. This is the only desert payload map I've ever made..

  1. Uncuepa
    Essentially a complete redo of my old map.

    Snakesand is a big Upward and Cactus Canyon inspired single stage payload map featuring:
    • Cliffs
    • Lots of way to fall off of those cliffs
    • Underground tunnels
    • Cliffs
    • Possibly bad performance
    • Cliffs
    • Verticality sure to confuse people for at least the first 2 rounds
    • Hopefully functioning spawns PLEASE
    • An explosion with no particle effect that opens a new route for attackers
    • And bits of vertical or near vertical rock formation
    Will this map get done? Unlikely!

    20170727161918_1.jpg 20170727161928_1.jpg 20170727161941_1.jpg 20170727162050_1.jpg 20170727162102_1.jpg

Recent Updates

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