Snail A3C

My quest to make "SD but good" continues.

  1. Tiftid
    *Screenshots are currently outdated

    A traditional SD map - like sd_doomsday.
    The elevator is below the Australium, with the intention of it being easy to rotate from the Australium to the point, but harder to go back, and also with the intention of making the point a less desirable place to be, so people don't camp it as is common in SD.
    Ideally, players should individually decide whether to pressure the Australium or the point, and can easily rotate in emergency situations where they're about to lose.
    Also, if nobody manages to cap in 7 minutes, the round stalemates. Well, it's more like 6 minutes and 10 seconds, since the round doesn't start until 5 seconds after the timer does, and the Australium stays locked for 45 seconds after that, giving teams an opportunity to not immediately lose the round even if they immediately lose the Australium and/or the point, because they can fortify wherever the enemy is weakest.


    1. aus_and_point.jpg
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