Smoulder A1a

3CP Submission for the Rule of Threes contest.

  1. Mâché
    Smoulder is a mostly simple symmetrical 3CP map with a twist: as the final point is being captured, next to the point, a large gate slowly opens. This can simultaneously help attackers finish the capture, as well as allow the defending team to more easily get to and potentially retake mid if the attackers' push fails (if no one is capping, the door slowly closes).

    This is also my submission to the Rule of Threes contest, most likely for both the minor (shorter, gameplay only) and major (longer, detailing included) parts of the contest.

    20210221165639_1.jpg 20210221165715_1.jpg 20210221165744_1.jpg 20210221165755_1.jpg 20210221165808_1.jpg 20210221165838_1.jpg 20210221165904_1.jpg 20210221165915_1.jpg 20210221170042_1.jpg

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