Smissmas Eve a13a

A holiday themed payload map, with a real Smissmas vibe!

  1. Uncuepa
    Welcome to pl_smissmaseve - a holiday themed payload map, with a real Smissmas vibe!

    In a world full of bullets and cheer, a lack of holiday maps further than hallowed and wacky brings down the winter spirit. Let us rejoice in the merriment of Smissmas by shooting at one another!

    Original map was made during December of 2014.

    Middle of 2015, entirely recreated with a layout that loosely reflected the original. It was far better but its third and last remained underwhelming.

    September 2016, many areas rebuilt and a new third/last replaced the old.

    "Just because it exists in the real world does not mean it fits the tf2 universe." -Jusa
    "Christmas has finally come; bit disappointed" -Unknown

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    Custom Props and Decals here:

Recent Updates

  1. Doors are fixed
  2. Alpha 13
  3. Alpha 12