Sludgepit Final4

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I dont have much time anymore to work on many things but still wanted to push out a little update

-Changed some pickups and added 2 new ones.
-Made the main choke to last wider to make it easier to push in to.
-Changed the rock models to the ones in enclosure. (Mainly because the rock001 model kept dissapearing for some reason)
Decided to make a final3 for the map. Here are the changes

Gameplay changes:

-Fixed the clipping/displacements at the last point so players won't get stuck anymore.
-More clipping fixes all over the map.
-Much more very small changes that won't be said here.

Detail changes:

-Changed some detailing at last. Mostly to make it look more like a chemical waste facility and spytech-y.
-Added toxic waste spills because the janitor sucks at doing their job.
-Did some changes to the 3d skybox by adding some mountainous structures and changing the small factory building into a full nuclear powerplant.
-Added a easter egg below red's last spawn that is based of Vinesauce

Extra bonus change:

-Changed the description of the map because it had grammar issues among other things.

Will update the map on later this week hopefully.
some small fixes

-Fixed clipping in several areas so players cant build in areas they aren't suppose to and can't get out of bounds
-Fixed it so red players don't get stuck in their first spawn. If they are in their spawn the same time the spawns switch to the new spawns they will teleport to those spawns