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Abandoned and Overgrown Junction

  1. FrostyHoneyJuicy
    Abandoned & Overgrown

    slender_junction is a recreated map for Slender Fortress gamemode.
    Featuring new visual looks, custom (15.ai) voice lines, new areas, and more.

    As the RED team, you have to follow Miss Pauling's orders - collect lost classified documents and survive till Sniper's van arrives in the rescue.

    Meanwhile, as the BLU team, you can enjoy your time exploring newly built waiting rooms, which include multiple fun areas, challenges, secrets, easter eggs, and more.


    Custom Content:

    Doof Wagon Speakers
    Portal 2 Ported Foliage
    "Abandoned" Theme resource pack
    The Ambitious Canned Food Pack
    Jimi-Jam Jars
    Corner Resupply Locker
    Bear Cutout
    Fubar's Quality Plumbing Set
    Vents Pack
    Lights Off
    Colored Trigger Textures
    Buffalo Cutout
    Collider Signs
    VAC Sign Overlays
    Badger Cutout
    Bunny Cutout
    Antiquity Cambodian Assets
    Handrails - more of the same
    Cheese Shop Props
    Cafe Sign
    Kangaroo Cutout
    Sleeping Fox Cutout Prop
    Jungle Assets
    Overgrown Prop Pack
    Vineyard Ivy
    Urban Shipping Container 01 Blue Retexture
    Animated Dancing Floor
    Team Colored No Entry Overlays
    Slender Arctic Assets
    End of the Line Prop Pack
    Team Colored Glass
    Construction Theme Pack
    The Swamp Pack
    The Frontline Asset


    Thanks to:

    Editing VALVe models

    Allowing to use Rick May Portrait


    Special Thanks to:

    For constantly providing Feedback


    Unofficial Gamemode:
    Slender Fortress


    Collect 3 lost classified documents and survive for 3 minutes.


    How to play:

    1) Create a dedicated server or rent one.
    2) Install Slender Fortress plugins or Slender Fortress Modified plugins.
    3) Have at least 8 players on the team. :)

    The map is also available on Glubbable's servers and District: Zen server.


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