Skyspace City

Skyspace City a7_fix

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  • Added kill output to unused func_buttons to avoid sound spam
  • Added sound script for hud sounds
  • Fixed aurora particle after being disabled permanently
  • Replaced the Rick May statue model with an entity_soldier_statue
  • Added myself in the credits room (I forgot it last time)
  • sounds and counters now work with vscript
  • replaced teleporter models with obj_teleporters //They are protected from sappers via vscript, sound bugs can be fixed with the snd_restart console command
  • added an entirely new credits room
  • added more sound effects
  • added a shortcut for the skeleton area which activates when someone finishes it
  • added the Wheel of Fate/ Doom //Can be activated by collecting six soul gargoyles
  • added more map detail
  • added new sounds for class selection
  • added Bing Chilling
- added new areas
- added credits room
- added death triggers under the elevators
- fixed possible exploits about collecting the power crystals
- added more skybox stuff
- added Gaben
- three hidden buttons will unlock the credits room
- Medic's squeezebox taunt plays the spider-man pizza time song
- new secrets and eastereggs
- new music
- added new areas
- buttons can be used with +use now
- added a console which tracks unlocking completion progress
- new secrets and more unlockables
- new music
- fixed an issue with the music pad
- added a giant telescope
- added "under construction" tags at unfinished map areas
- added fog in the skybox for map optimization
- added more lighting and palm trees
- fixed a lighting issue at the underground elevator
- the secret invisible button has moved somewhere else
- added burger man and a bar
- general fixes and optimization